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[ E10+ ] An original 3D pixel horror game that tells the story about Osamu, a troubled young man alone in his apartment with nothing in his life to give himself purpose. Having his own deep-seated fears rooted in his troubled past with his nuclear family, he must break out of his own self-destruction and break the cycle. In order to do so, he must look past the reflection and find himself by traveling through multidimensional mirrors. 

Credits/Team (5)

All original assets and music were used in the final production of this game.  

  • J. Irgang - Programmer/Technical Lead
  • Yasmine L. - Artist/Modeler/Creative Lead
  • S. M. Dempsey - Game Design/Assistant Programmer
  • BJ - Co-composer
  • Saachi P. - Co-composer

Updated 8 days ago
Published 17 days ago
Authorsyasmine198, birdboiboi
Tags3D, 3d-pixel, Horror, My First Game Jam

Install instructions

Unzip file and then play unity exe.


No Longer Human 35 MB

Development log


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made a video :) 

hey i played your game and it was fun. I wasn't able to complete it because i lost the key. It would help alot if you could check out my channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!

Very glitchy and I couldn't understand the monster mechanics in the beginning. For example, you can move through the dresser in the bedroom of level 1. Also, the door to the green key in level 3 would not open and I could not complete the game. The idea of mirrors was really cool, though, and I enjoyed the spooks I got.


Super duper confused over here! Haha, I loved the surreal atmosphere of your game but I think I ended up glitching something out. Interesting concept and i'd love to see a more polished future release.

Thank you for playing our game, dude! Yeah, we released a patch verison on Sunday that fixes some of the more common and bigger issues.

we are currently working on making a full and more polished version sometime later this year so please stay on the lookout.



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I love the soundtrack in this game!! Is there anyway of getting a file of the ost?



I wanted to offer this Brackeys Youtube Tutorial to make your game easier for players to access; you may need to find an updated tutorial. 

I look forward to playing your game.

Best luck

Thank you! Love Brackeys and will definitely take it into consideration. 


OHOHOHO WHEN I SAW THE TITLE I WAS LIKE: "HEY HEY HEY, AIN'T THIS THE BOOK DAZAI OSAMU WROTE?" and seeing how the game is, and how well it blends with the darkness of its namesake book, I'm not disappointed!! You (guys) did great!!


Yes exactly! I definitely find lost of potential for interesting horror based on that book (considering for example: Junji Ito's rendition of the story). We are hoping to make a longer version in the future. Stay tuned and thank you for your comment :) 


Can you plau this on android?

Currently no, but we can try porting it to android using unity's platform switcher for the future :) 


should i play this?

Hell yea! Unfortunately, this was made in two-weeks and we are currently trying to fix some gameplay issues...However, if you want a quick scare with some cool aesthetics this game should serve as an experience. By the end of the week, we should be able to fine-tune the game a bit better. I hope you like it!


Gave it a Let's Play, rough around the edges, my feedback and gameplay can be found here


I legit had no idea what the hell was going on but I'm pretty sure I loved it! The style is really nice and that thing was creepy as hell!!


Thanks for playing! I watched your play-through and will try to fix some of the bugs(no pun intended) that got you. 


Creepy but a little difficult to understand what to do and I fell through the floor but I still liked it.


Sorry about the floor glitch, I didn't realize that this happened. Hopefully readjusting colliders will solve this. Until the game is updated you'll have to press esc and replay.

Thank you so much! Stay tuned for future updates in the next few days which involve patching up some of the common bugs and errors players have been having :)

I have no idea what i just played :)

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Ha ha yeah it's a little confusing. Stay tuned for future updates in the next day or two. Definitely overlooked this part when making the game for the game jam. 


Will do :)



Thank you for this video! Helped us a lot for making some future updates. Should be modified within a day or two. 


real like this prototype .. i think only rework bug and glitch ... i think need tips ;D

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I totally agree! I've got quite a lot of programming ahead of mel!